Configure Date and Time


Please perform this activity when you first receive the device, and when you go to places with different time zone (e.g., when you reached Mecca).


This instruction is for Flexi (F-1) user only.

  1. Swipe right or left until you reach Setting page
  1. Tap Setting, then navigate to Clock.
  1. Tap “Time sync” and choose “Off”
_images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_3.png _images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_4.png
  1. Swipe right, tap “Date”, and pick the correct date. Press “OK” when it is done.
_images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_5.png _images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_6.png
  1. Scroll down until you see “Time”. Tap it, and pick the correct time. Press “OK when it is done.
_images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_7.png _images/configuring_date_and_time_wearable_8.png