Pilgrims FAQ

What if I misplace Raqib? Can it be found?

You can refer the last GPS location.

I think I’m lost. Can someone be able to detect my whereabouts? Will I be rescued?

Yes, you need to press the SOS button. And the authority/mutawwif will call you for further assistance.

Can I send messages to mutawwif/my spouse/family member?


How can I find my mutawwif for assistance?

You can press the SOS button and an alert will be sent to the mutawwif.

Will Raqib replace my phone?

Partly, Raqib can only receive call at the moment.

Can my family member in Malaysia know my real-time location in Saudi?

Yes. They can know through the Raqib Mobile App.

Can I take ablution with my Raqib on?

No (Not advisable).

I accidentally switched my Raqib at camp (Arafat). How can I switch it back?

You can call your Raqib Mobile Number to identify your Raqib.

Is there a signal coverage in Arafat?


Does anyone monitor my health status?

Yes. Your family member and mutawwif.

How frequent do I need to charge my Raqib?

You need to charge Raqib Flexi-1 in every two days.

Can I put my Raqib on a silent mode?

No. But you can immediately reject the call.